5 steps to organize your Special Day!

Define a number of guests: 

First you have to decide if you want a beautiful and extravagant wedding party with 300 guests, or a romantic and close ceremony with the closest. This is crucial but why? Because set this point will have no change of ideas later and when you´re in middle of organization you can set a concret number of guests.

2- Define the space:

We women are undoubtedly the most romantic. While the man wants to get married at the time that made the request, we women want our "special day" in the most romantic place that exists! Marry on the beach or have the party on a beautiful farm, or even in the middle of nature, it's up to you, but after deciding the wedding day you have to rush and look the place you want. I know  its hard to choose the space, but listen the feedback from another couples or look on the internet! But always think about what do you want.

3- Choose the colours!

This is a very important step!Do you know when you see a lot of cars honking all in line with ribbons on antennas or even mirrors? 
These ribbons represent the colours chosen for the wedding. Generally colours have a symbology and influence on the decoration of the space chosen for the wedding.
You can also choose to be a bride who doesn´t choose any colour for your wedding, getting up by white, but be aware that on the decor will have a dominant color,at least the green in flowers!

4- The cake:

It seems to be one of the least important steps but you're wrong! Both the shape and the flavors are fundamental because it is one of the issues that the guests will remember of your wedding, whether it was good or bad, If it was square or round! And think that it could be the only meal of that day! Certainly you want a good flavor.

5- Appoint someone you trust:
Organize your wedding day with a lot of time! Do not leave anything to the last! And much less arrive at your "special day" to walk back and forth to see if everything is correct. So appoint someone you trust to oversee everything from the church to the decor!
Sleep, relax and enjoy your day because that day is for you and your soul mate!