Where has the time gone! 5 years ago today I moved into TicTac. I saved up for 9 months to be able to pay for her out right. I worked 3 to 4 jobs... I lived for almost 3 months in a shed with no running water or electricity in Rosendale NY thru the cold and wet fall.

I made a plan that 2012 was going to be the year of the RV and by November 1 I was going to be on the road. I made that goal and was out the day before hurricane Sandy was suppose to hit the area... a few days before November 1.

This was a blog post I wrote about my plans on the road and what you are helping me accomplish by pledging each month here on Patreon!


Many people thought I was crazy... well many people still think I am crazy. They can think what they wish because the only opinion that matters about my life is my own. 

I am not someone who talks about change... makes theories about change... I am someone who lives the change that needs to be seen in the world. I am sure I make many people uncomfortable because I don’t fit into the norm. I don’t live the way one is suppose to, make a living the way one is suppose to, I don’t act or look like a woman is suppose to and change makes people nervous. They push back and attack. I’m not asking people to be different but I am asking they see beyond themselves and realize there are many other options on how to spend their time roaming around the sun. I want to empower people to take their wild ideas and make them reality... I want to empower people to make change in their community, in their family, in the world. This world is begging for change so are you a doer or a watcher? Both are needed... I am a doer. 

Thanks for all your support these last 5 years! Here is to many more!!