The past two days more than doubled my Patreon take; thanks to the two new cool people who did that. I'm now at a little under a tenth of my rent covered by Patreon, which isn't bad, actually. It's certainly better than nothing!

It's June, now, and this year has been a whirlwind for me so far. 2016 is kinda what I was hoping 2015 would be. I still don't have a job, but the first half of the year I got so much more support than I've ever had before. Hopefully that doesn't dry up anytime soon; it's kept me going through everything.

Now that Volume 10 is out, not much should keep me from working on stuff except for the whole needing a job thing. That said, I can probably coast for a bit if I can make it through my next rent payment; V10 payments will come in around early July along with the next round of Patreon payouts, so we'll see what happens on that front.

Something I've been curious about: how do people feel about per-update patreon pledges instead of monthly? I'm not sure I'd change it (at least not on this account) but I'm considering starting separate other accounts that would each exclusively be for funding specific projects instead of, well,  My Life And Everything. For example, once my webcomic starts, instead of trying to get the monthly update price here up up up to upgrade that, I'd perhaps instead start a separate Patreon -just- for that webcomic, which would be a per-update payout. 

Ditto goes for music and videos; especially the latter seems good for a per-update model.

Anyway. Tell me your thoughts, all!

PS: Stuckhome Syndrome Update One is gonna be around the corner. It'll be before Volume Two, at least, which launches in October.


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