$50 Milestone reached!
Hello everyone! I woke up today to find I had hit my $50 Patreon goal! (well, you guys did, it's all thanks to you!)

When I first set up my blog, I remember thinking "this is silly, nobody will ever subscribe to me!" But now when I log in, you guys make my day, every day.

So the $50 milestone goal for me is to be able to introduce a physical reward. I'd like to create a Patreon tier for a gift plush charm (like the Sans, Flowey and Pokeballs)

I'm still in the works for figuring it out, it'll either be monthly or bimonthly (bimonthly might work out better as I could lower the tier for them) but my main idea is to have a poll for a series or character, the winning choice(s) will be charm'd, and everyone in the scheme who is willing to provide me a shipping address can have a design free if they want to keep or give to a friend, or request a previous design. 

The main thing I'm trying to work out is how often, what tier amount, and if I'll need to keep it separate from digital rewards so people can choose between getting the patterns or the charms, or however people want to do it ^^;

When I get through my commissions list it will be easier to think about and get set up, so any suggestions at the moment are welcome and will be added to the ideas notebook.

Once again thank you everyone, and welcome to my blog if you're just joining us. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Your support means more than you could know.

Love Feather xxx