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(50) Night at the Green Goblin
"The Green Goblin Inn & Taphouse? Yeah, I ‘eard of it, down on Cinder Street if I remember right. What are you after the Goblin for? Not peace and quiet I hope. No? Didn’t think so. Well, luck o’ the Silver Wolf to you my friend. You’ll be needin’ it."

Night at the Green Goblin is a flexible, one night adventure site as opposed to an overarching plot scenario. Activities include gathering information or rumours (Area 10), fencing goods or acquiring illegal equipment (Area 7), gambling (Area 14), recruiting hirelings (Area 15), drinking contests (Area 13), duelling in the street (Area 6), or good old fashioned bar brawls. Three set hooks are also included: (i) hunting for a merchant spy, (ii) deciding what to do with the Amulet of Agometh, and (iii) dealing with an (inadvertently conjured) demon... 

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Maps this month by the amazing Ross McConnell at , used with permission. 

Cover art copyright Dean Spencer, used with permission, all rights reserved. 

P.2 art copyright Daniel Comerci, used with permission.