50-Patron Milestone
As you, the patrons, demanded by an overwhelming margin in our recent poll, the next milestone is to be set at the 50-patron threshold. Commensurate with such a big jump in the number of patrons, you justly demanded that the milestone reward for this be equally as epic. I think you will find the following rewards to be suitably epic.

Receive one: Additional Character Account Unlock

  • This represents a 10 EP averaged value for trade-in purposes.  Patrons will note, however, that this is averaged because this unlock is good regardless of your present number of  Character Account Unlocks. Also, this reward will not count against your present number of accounts for purposes of unlocking future accounts.


Receive one: XP BOOST

  • This boost doubles the XP gained over the course of a single quadrimester. 
  • The boost begins immediately upon redemption as a marketplace  transaction.
  • This reward is good for one character account of the patron's choice.
  • No more than one XP boost can apply to any one character during a given quadrimester.
  • This boost can be gifted or traded. 

When we reach the 50-patron mark, all patrons regardless of tier will be entitled to receive both  of the above rewards. 

Furthermore, when we reach the 50-patron mark I will upgrade my ROLL 20 account to PRO, so that we can "min-max our gaming experience " while in adventures on ROLL 20.

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