500,000 Readers!
According to Statcounter.com, rihaansfics.com, probably the greatest thing I ever built (besides a defunct anime radio station), has been seen on 500,000 different computer screens!

This isn't 'views', mind you, like on YouTube. This is logged as different IP's. Supposedly, the number goes up not by page refreshes, but by different computers browsing my website and reading my stories, or at least, some time passing by before revisiting.

Page views themselves have surpassed 1,000,000! That's more than two pages viewed per visitor! (Though the site reassures me that 21.9% of visitors stay for longer than an hour. So that's something.)

My most popular page is, of course, my archive. I've been trying to make a community for years, with limited success. In celebration of this milestone, I'll try, once again, to create a forum. forum.rihaansfics.com will be the link, so be sure to bookmark it!

I'll even make a private sub-forum for Patrons! It would make it a lot easier to post drabbles and other such things, stories that I've found that WordPress can't hide easily.

Thank you, everyone for your support, and here's to 500,000 more! And hopefully 2,000,000 More Views!