500 and update!!!
Hi Folks!

First and foremost we need to acknowledge the awesomeness that is you, yes, all of you.  Our Patreon is clearing its second milestone and that can be solely attributed to all your efforts and contributions.  There isn't enough nice words in the dictionary to use in such an instance.  Thank you all!  

On a minor down note, Mandy of Bees' fame has been under the weather for a few days due to a slight attack of pneumonia.  Worry not since she is now on the mend and hopes to be in tip top shape by next week.  In the meantime, the team is still going forward on the demo but we are expecting a slight delay so it should be available by the 3rd of October.  Our sincerest apologies but we hope to make it up to you guys :D !  We are also planning a nice little thank you image/post in the near future. Cheers!