$500 Doll Hairs a Month!?
Hello everybody!  I know that I don't post here often but that's because, as you guys know, all of my activity is over on Youtube.  New videos, etc.  But when I DO post here you know it's serious business!  Today, upon receiving a new $1 pledge, I officially hit $500 a month in pledges.  That is awesome and I'm so thankful to all of you guys and ladies for your support, whether you be a new patron or a veteran.  As my goal stated:  I plan to upgrade the $25+ reward now so that everyone who has pledged that much or more will receive a small something during Patreon month rather than just one person.  I obviously can't send everyone a giant gift package filled with trinkets and doodads, but I can send you all a little something to show my appreciation now.  That said, I will still continue to choose a Patron Month winner and he/she will receive the big prize package during each month's giveaway.  All of this of course does not apply to you if I have not been given a mailing address during your pledge.  Make sure your information is up to date!  If you moved since your original pledge, for example, let me know your new address or PO Box so I can send you stuff.  Don't worry, I won't come and stalk you.  I promise...!  <3

Thank you guys again for the support and I'm looking forward to this upcoming June!  Be on the lookout in your mailboxes for a little something from me, whether you're that month's Patron Winner or not.  I will announce that month's official winner through a machinima video, just like how I did last December.  :)