$500 goal hit! Thanks everybody!
Thanks to the combined generosity of 93 patrons, I finally hit my first goal. This means I can spend more time on Lovenstein and crank out more comics on a regular basis.

I've been sicker than a dog the last few days so this really gave me a much needed boost. Thanks everybody! Every time you see a new comic from me, know that you help make that possible.


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I'll post every new comic on my patreon so you can have it conveniently delivered to your email, and gain access to exclusive content on my patreon stream such as my Monday Morning Comics.
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Access to my live drawing stream of upcoming comics. Hang out, listen to and suggest tunes, ask questions, and watch the magic happen.

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- Once a month, you're invited to a one hour live drawing request session where, you guessed it, I take live drawing requests. Finished drawings will be uploaded to my Patreon stream after each session.
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Become an official sponsor of Mr. Lovenstein! As a thanks for becoming a sponsor, for your first month I'll draw a portrait of you (shoulders up) in my art style with your direction on design . It'll reside HERE on my website dedicated to patron sponsors. Your name (or alias) will appear below your portrait and you can include a link to your Twitter or Instagram if you have one. I'll send you a 800x800px copy of your portrait to use on your social medias. Your name will also be added below one of my comics for all to see!
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