500 Works of Art on the Road to Your Creativity #323 - The Fallen - Dragon Skull

Imaginings from what is perceived:

With the rumor spreading on social media that the Smithsonian Institute may be concealing evidence that a race of giants lived in Wisconsin, I thought it would be fun to add more speculation to the existence of the mighty dragons. Here's a skull uncovered after a glacial thaw in the Laurentian mountains outside Montreal. Wander around this skull and you will find ample evidence of a full skeleton slowly decomposing under moss, fungi, and ferns.

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What inspires an artist?

“All they see” is the first and most literal answer.

For me, that is several gallery & museum exhibits, dozens of books, and tens of thousands of images online. The gage of it all might be to see what I like and share on my own social media sites.

Let’s start with these: Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, ViewBug, & Etsy.