500 Works of Art on the Road to Your Creativity #325 - Timeless 1

Imaginings from what is perceived:

The Mont Tremblant snowmakers cover the local world every night giving a uniform magic to everything as the sun rises and adds a glimmer to it all. This was taken in the early morning, near where the machines were still throwing their snowy mist into the air. One can’t help feel they just walked through the wardrobe into Narnia and a feeling of amazement and trepidation fills every step as you move forward.

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What inspires an artist? 

“All they see” is the first and most literal answer. 

For me, that is several gallery & museum exhibits, dozens of books, and tens of thousands of images online. The gage of it all might be to see what I like and share on my own social media sites. 

Let’s start with these: Patreon, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, ViewBug, & Etsy.