501(c)3 Status
Dear Friends, Family, Fans and Supporters, It is with great excitement and joy that I share this news with you today. Last month, many of you helped Ghost Sniffers apply for fiscal sponsorship with a fine arts 501(c)3 organization by writing Ghost Sniffers a letter of recommendation. Those letters -- along with a twenty-two page application and proposal package -- were sent for review and we waited... and waited. Yesterday we received news that there were 417 applicants... and of those, Ghost Sniffers was selected for sponsorship. Processing Ghost Sniffers into the 501(c)3 system will be complete on October 10 but at that time, we will be a federal nonprofit so every donation we receive will be a tax write-off. Every employer that donates to nonprofits with set amounts or matching funds will be able to consider us. Every company that provides goods and services to federal nonprofits will be able to embrace us. And we'll be allowed to apply for grants. Ghost Sniffers has always been a Washington State nonprofit but this isn't enough to apply for many of the funding sources out there. Now, all of that will change. I want to thank every parent, friend, and supporter for standing by us all these years. Now is finally the time to expand and grow and reach our full potential. This means actors in Season 3 will be fully paid and all travel costs in Season 3 will be reimbursed at face value. This means better props, more exciting locations, and being able to have young guest stars from all over the country. This will mean a paid sound crew and lighting crew. Additional cameras. Show-purchased costumes. Our potential is limitless :) I know that many of you have said that if Ghost Sniffers ever achieved 501(c)3 status, you want to donate through your employer or you have a friend or family member who wants to donate. I will make sure to send out all the official information on October 10 when we receive the final go-ahead. Thank you for believing in this project. It is a great honor to continue to volunteer as YOUR writer and director. I look forward to many years of Ghost Sniffers. Jennifer