Update: Let's keep this momentum going!

Hello writers, followers, patrons, and general friends of C4SS.

First, a warm welcome to everyone new to this update (it used to just be for writers)!

And a big shout out to everyone who’s subscribed to, shared, or otherwise supported our recently-revived YouTube channel. It’s really been amazing to see that take off so quickly.

We gained 31 subscribers last month!

And we’re only about $2 away from our first Patreon goal of $300/month.

So huge thanks to everyone who has been supporting us on Patreon so far. Please do mention our various shows to your friends and share the podcast page and the C4SS Patreon on social media if you can! 

We’re here on Facebook and @c4ssdotorg on Twitter.

There’s a new episode of Green Market Agorist out now, featuring an anonymous guest talking about changing perceptions of drugs like marijuana, LSD, and psilocybin. (Happy bicycle day to those who celebrate!) 🚲

And look out for these shows soon:

  • Our April episode of Mutual Exchange Radio continues the “C4SS around the world” mini-series with an interview with our long-time Russian translator and contributor, Ilya. On Patreon, YouTube, and everywhere else tomorrow, April 20th.
  • Later this month, we’ll also be releasing an episode of The Outgroup just for patrons. This episode covers Biden’s gun control proposals, the idea of COVID vaccine passports, Montero/Lil Nas X, and more!
  • And Part II of The Enrages becomes public this Thursday, April 22nd. Patreon supporters can listen early here.
  • Then, Zach Woodman comes back with our May episode of Mutual Exchange Radio, featuring political theorist Jesse Spafford!

Books, books, books!

In addition to a great lineup of new books coming out soon (read Jason Lee Byas’ introduction to our upcoming collection TOTAL ABOLITION here), we have a few books by friends of the center newly available at the store as well.

In particular, we have a few copies of Chris Sciabarra’s Dialectics of Liberty available for supporters or writers who are interested. They were water damaged in transit, but very much still readable! Let us know if you’re interested.

In Solidarity,


P.S. We’ve got a few mutual aid calls up on the site right now, including a fundraiser for the Lucy Parsons Center in Boston, Logan Glitterbomb’s ongoing legal fundraiser, and one for Reprieve (which supports victims of drone strikes). If you can’t give, sharing helps too :)

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