Moon Warrior - New Short Adventure!

FREE Short Adventure, Moon Warrior


The Moon Warrior returns from his quest to find his home taken over by a strange evil that he must now fight in order to reclaim his land. Will you help him adventurer...?


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Featured Artist: Dovekie

(Check out their Patreon page to find beautiful custom maps with lots of variants for each one released!)


Extra NPC Art: Paper Mage

(Check out Printable Heroes' Patreon page to find tons of stunning art and tokens that you can print to use as printable minis!)


Recommended Average Party Level (APL): 5
Experience from Completion: 5,650 XP
Chance to earn more through the final encounter.
General Theme: Search and Destroy
Setting: Any, Starlight Chronicles
Sessions to Finish: x1 (3 hours) session


Join the Moon Warrior as he fights to reclaim his home from the evil forces that have taken it over!

This adventure also has a New Martial Archetype for Fighters, the Moon Warrior sub-class!


Hey everyone!

I finally got around to making another Eastern-Inspired adventure and I am planning to make so many more in the same style and theme!

A huge thank you to Dovekie and Paper Mage for both providing me their amazing artwork to bring this adventure to life. I started with writing stories and adventures based on art and I am so happy to still be doing that with even more inspiration than I ever had before, just because I get to work with such talented creators.

Dovekie makes fantastic maps with a perspective to them that I really adore and I cannot wait to see more from her.

Paper Mage makes printable minis and has allowed me to use his artwork for my adventures which I could not be more happy about it. He is actually working on some very specific stuff for future releases which I think you are all going to love!


As always, an Exclusive Extended Variant is available for my lovely Patreon supporters in case you would like to get a bit more out of this adventure! I think you will love playing through the variant since has a beautiful day version of the free version's map and a whole extra act.


Just like with all of our adventures, Moon Warrior is an adaptable module which can be used as a one-shot, as part of your own campaign, or as part of our unique Starlight Chronicles campaign. Make sure you check out the dedicated supplement if you would like to know more about the campaign setting!

Make sure you check the Catalog with every new release to make sure you are up to date with the released content.

Till next time!


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