Join the Families and call Quick Jay for some street gang style Jobs. The jobs will vary depending on the in-game clock time (if you call between 02:00 and 08:00 you get to steal a car, between 08:00 and 14:00 you ride a bike and do stuff with your homies and so on). 

The day is divided in 4 segments:
08:00 - 14:00   Job: Biking Around
14:00 - 20:00   Jobs: Shopping For The Fam - Crumbs To Pigeons
20:00 - 02:00   Jobs: Brawl Between Boys - Surprise Motherfuckers!
02:00 - 08:00   Job: For A Few Wheels More

After a Job is done there is a real time cool down of 15 mins (configurable in the Patron version) so that with the normal flow of game time it should be 1 job type per day.

If you call Quick Jay in those time of the day and you have more job opportunities available (for example  between14:00 - 20:00 there is the "shopping" one and now the "drug dealing" one) the job will be picked randomly. If you just completed/failed one, then the one without cooldown will be picked instead.

Some mission require you to recruit Families Gang Memebers (if you don't know where to find them just go close to them at the Hideout and they will join you. The spawns at the Hideout will reset after the player has gone far enough from the Hideout).

In The Gang if you complete enough missions there will be chances to get attacked from some members of the rival gangs (if you fail a Job the completed mission counter will reset).

My mods usually don't "hold your hand". There are not unnecessary blips and if you fail a job you will lose usually the half of the reward. Expect to lose missions and money eventually.
If you leave The Gang you'll have to wait 10 mins before you can join again (configurable in the Patron version).

As always i try to create an immersive and semi-randomized mod to give an high replayability experience.

After joining The Gang, Quick Jay contact on the Phone will be at the end of the contact list (just go up when browsing the list. Not much i can do about it)

- Watch the trailer!
- Gameplay video 1.0
- Gameplay video 1.1 

CHANGEABLE FEATURES (Patron version only):

  • TimeBetweenMissionMultiplier - Multiplier of how much time has to pass for the next job-type after finishing one (default: 15 minutes).
  • CoolDownAfterLeaving - How many MINUTES The Gang stays closed after the player leaves (default: 10 minutes).
  • RewardMultiplier - Multiplier for the Money received after completing a Job. The Money lost after a failed mission will vary accordingly.
  • GangAttackers - Toggle the random enemy Gangs attack to the player after completing more than 3 missions.

Recommended Mods (optional):


ATTENTION! If you plan to use "LS Life" along with my mods there will be high chances of conflicts and errors (that's because LS Life changes a lot of Peds and other things around indiscriminately)

Requirements and How to Install:

If you have problems with mission "Brawl Between Boys" with NPCs not fighting (it depends on your gameconfig.xml) then you need also:

Put these files in your GTAV scripts folder:

If you have problems with mission "Brawl Between Boys" with NPCs not fighting:
- make sure you have the "mods" folder in your main GTAV directory (if not just create one). - Install the TheGangFix.oiv package inside the "mods" folder with OpenIV


-- if you don't want to replace your gameconfig.xml you can change these values manually instead --




PoolSize value="30"


Please do not re-upload my mods

Download the Patron version here 


  • v1.0 : Release
  • v1.1 : Added 2 more jobs - Fixed sometimes picking wallet caused job not advancing - Fixed leaving the brawl too soon causing mission to fail - Fixed other minor bugs.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts