Crypts of Isenia - New Short Adventure!

FREE Short Adventure, Crypts of Isenia


The city of Isenia has long been troubled by undead, and now it faces yet another challenge as a mournful song echoes in the central market...


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Featured Artist: Cinderlight 

(Check out their Patreon page to find beautiful custom maps with lots of variants and amazing tokens to go with every release!)


Recommended Average Party Level (APL): 4
Experience from Completion: ~4,000 XP
General Theme: Dungeon Crawl
Setting: Any, Starlight Chronicles
Sessions to Finish: x1 (3 hours) session


In Crypts of Isenia, the players must descend into an ancient crypt and brave the dangers within in order to help keep Isenia safe.

The unique isometric maps by Joshua Sarver help bring the crypt to life, adding stark gothic detail to the dungeon.


Hey everyone!

I have wanted to release something with Joshua Sarver's amazing artwork for a while now so I am super happy to be bringing you this eerie and full of horror adventure! Cinderlight's style is absolutely fantastic and the grim vibe it has to it is perfect for an adventure that is takes you through a dungeon crawling activity filled with terrible monsters!


As always, an Exclusive Extended Variant is available for my lovely Patreon supporters in case you would like to get a bit more out of this adventure! I think you will love playing through the variant since has a beautiful day version of the free version's map and a whole extra act.


Just like with all of our adventures, Crypts of Isenia is an adaptable module which can be used as a one-shot, as part of your own campaign, or as part of our unique Starlight Chronicles campaign. Make sure you check out the dedicated supplement if you would like to know more about the campaign setting!

Make sure you check the Catalog with every new release to make sure you are up to date with the released content.

Till next time!


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