Announcement: Break Time (10-24th of May)

Alas, the time has come. I am going on a short break. I felt like it would only be fair to do this before a new month began and people accuse me of scamming them. Please, I only scam the 50-dollar tier.

For quite a while, I have lived in a small and rather old apartment. It has been fine for the most part, but certain things haunt me - such as the lack of heated floors in the bathroom. Seriously, I live in Denmark; it can get pretty damn cold here; I need my heated floors.

To alleviate my struggles, I have decided to move. I will get my new apartment around the time I go on break, so for a good period of this "break," I won't actually be on break but just moving. Not all of the time, but let's be fair... I could use a small break to get comfy in my new home - a new home with heated floors everywhere.

I began posting the Primal Hunter on Saturday, September 19th, 2020. Since then, I have taken a total of 1 day off. Every other time I have not posted on the promised days was due to having posted more on prior days to make up for it. I didn't even take Christmas or New Years off. Quite frankly, I need a break to avoid burnout. Based on Danish Labor Laws, you guys are totally abusing me :-(

Ignoring that, I want to thank all you nice peps for your support, and being overall pretty cool. Because of you guys and gals, I am able to move to a new better place and even to another province and closer to my family and friends, as surprisingly you don't need to be somewhere in particular geographically to post stuff online.

I will still be around in Discord, and such as I lack basic self-control, but there will be no chapters posted for two weeks from the 10-24th (or 10-21st if I want to be fancy with weekdays). This means the next chapter will be on the 24th of May on Patreon and RR both.

Have a nice time, everyone, and as always: Thanks for reading!

- Zogarth

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