May's Story: The Lost Bunny

Hey, everyone! It's May! Spring is in full bloom and warm weather is coming...or here if you're in Florida. As some of you know, I'm hard at work on Earths the sequel to Earth 832. Earths is a amalgamation of several stories. The enveloping story is Kita is captured just as her Axiom changes her into an Angel and her computer's recovery process is interrupted. Kita tells the story of another life of hers on the Tet where she's fed to a monstrous jacksaur. Not to be out done, Kita returns as an Angel with Apocalypse and Jynx to get even. We learn Kita has been estranged from Apocalypse for a few years as Apocalypse takes over being mother to Jynx leaving Kita to retreat to Velositi and the Triplets. Kita hopes this trip will allow them to reconcile and she can be more involved in Jynx's life. Earths introduces five new Angels: Rivet, the Diamock driver/mechanic; Mimic, the Verisom hacker/impersonator; Alliance, the Aurorian diplomat/communications specialist; Dominica, the young Prii trainer; Sage, the elder Prii trainer master. Old friends are back including: Velositi, Venom, and Poison. 

The next book out will be Breakout, the next book in the Ascension series. Kita and the Arconians begin the arduous task of taking Leadings and getting a foothold on The Mass. But the Red Legion won't make it easy and hits back, attacking the Arconian home islands. Kita, in a desperate move, turns to her enemies for hep.

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