A 50x70 cm work in progress drawing
I'm drawing this with panpastels, colored pencils and a white posca marker. The hair is taking it's time, while the face only took me a few minutes to draw. I guess I've practiced drawing faces more, well, that's a fact, but the hair takes up a bigger surface, as you can see. I have to think of new details for the hair, because it can't look similar to other parts of it.  It can't be identical, is my point, so I must think about it a lot. I suck.

Although I find this artwork quite nice, YES, I JUST GAVE MYSELF A COMPLIMENT. It's starting to come off quite good, which isn't what I first thought. I first thought that it looked like it had different dimensions and stuff.. 

Does anyone have a good name for the teal creature in the drawing?