Video: Daily Practice (#30DaysofGoddess Mid-Month Encouragement)

We find proof
in dreaming,
in being alive,
we find proof in our heartbeats,
and our own open eyes.

This video explores more ideas, suggestions, thoughts, and inspiration for creating and building a daily devotional practice!

#30DaysofGoddess was created as a daily-practice based resource to help you develop and sustain a goddess-oriented devotional practice that works for you. The many resources I offer themed around this practice concept should be viewed as tools with which to construct a container of experiencing that suits your own life, time, interests, and needs. Remember: 30DaysofGoddess is meant to be very small and simple while also nurturing, nourishing, strengthening, and supporting your own practice and connection.

Some people find it helpful just to watch the tiny little video I share in my Instagram stories each morning and draw a oracle card and that's it. The idea at the heart of #30DaysofGoddess is showing up daily—even when you don’t necessarily feel a connection. As I explain in more depth in the video, it is in the showing up that the connection forms and your personal wellspring and faith deepen and grow. 

For me, I go outside in the morning and sit in the woods with the prompt word in mind and see what comes to me—a prayer, a blessing, a poem. I notice what I see—a bird, the weather, what is changing in the landscape, what is growing, changing, blooming or declining. I offer a body based prayer of gratitude. Then, I come back inside and I choose my oracle cards for the day and I make my prayerbook page based on what I experienced with all of the above. That feels extremely different than “arts and crafts,” to me, though the core act of creative expression/communion is also important worthwhile as a practice in itself. I often also draw from the free prayer card printable deck and read it aloud. And I often place a hand on my heart and speak the name of the Goddess aloud. I also often sing or use my prayerbeads—either in the woods or when working on my pages.

Hope that helps with some ideas of what—to me—daily devotional work looks like in practice.

If you are a member of the Patreon community at the $10 and up level, I have also been offering a monthly series based on the book Aspecting the Goddess which you may find helpful and inspiring in cultivating devotional practices in your days.

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What would it take to make
a vow of truth-speaking
to your very own life?

I also made a reminder graphic about a 30DaysofGoddess practice for you below. :)

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