Apache FlexJS 0.6.0
Hi, ActionScript community!

It's time for a new release of Apache FlexJS! Go ahead and install Apache FlexJS 0.6.0 right now. This release improves support for many ActionScript language features in code transpiled to JavaScript, including reflection, internal classes after the package block, and package-level functions and variables.

Now, let's look at a few other interesting new features!

IntelliJ IDEA

With the increasing popularity of IntelliJ IDEA among ActionScript developers, support for Apache FlexJS is a no-brainer. Thanks to some bug fixes in this new version of the SDK, you can now transpile ActionScript to JavaScript inside IntelliJ IDEA. Please take a look at my newest NextGenAS tutorial for details on how to add the SDK create a new project:

How to create a project in IntelliJ IDEA to transpile ActionScript

asnodec and Node.js

A new compiler script that transpiles ActionScript for Node.js has been added to Apache FlexJS. It's called asnodec, and I'll post a tutorial on NextGenAS with details about how to use it in the very near future! Here's a little preview of how easy it is to compile and run:

asnodec HelloNode. as

node bin/js-debug/index.js

Install with Node Package Manager

In addition to using the Apache Flex Installer, you can now alternatively install Apache FlexJS with NPM and Node.js. It's super easy:

npm install -g flexjs

Thank you, ActionScript community

This is the first release of Apache FlexJS that contains contributions that I worked on with the generous support of community members like you! In particular, I added the fixes for IntelliJ IDEA, and I worked on support for Node.js. I've already started implementing transpiler improvements for the future Apache FlexJS 0.7.0, and you're going to absolutely love what's on the way! If you enjoy seeing these kinds of contributions to Apache FlexJS, and you want to do something to help out, please consider becoming a patron. Thank you so much!

Happy coding!

Josh Tynjala
NextGen ActionScript

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