Interactions from the Past v5a - Public Release

We thought it would be fun to add a few new interactions and functional objects to the game, to both bring new content and aid in things such as storytelling. We’ve compiled a few of them in this mod, some new and some converted from older Sims titles, for you to enjoy!

What is included at the moment?*

  • Dance on counters interaction
  • Functional (small) Telescope
    • Observe the Sky interaction (during the day)
    • Stargaze interaction (appears at night)
    • Search for aliens (appears at night)
    • Spy on Neighborhood interaction (need at least lvl 4 Mischief)
  • Functional Skydiver (builds fitness)
    • Skydive interaction
    • Change volume interaction
  • Functional Pull Up Bar (builds fitness)

*Note: The romance interactions “Dip Kiss” and “Slow Dance” have been moved to Cute Romance.

How does it work?

After installing the mod, simply place any of the required objects for said interactions onto your lot and click on them for the actions to appear. Note that these interactions are currently only available to Sims aged teen and up. Sorry kids!

Other things to consider:

  • Base game compatible
  • Does not override anything so there should be no conflicts
  • This mod requires Scumbumbo’s XML Injector to function properly. Download it here:

How do I install?

Installation is easy; simply drop the downloaded files into your mods folder. Other than that, ensure that you have Scumbumbo’s XML Injector installed, otherwise some interactions won’t show up.


  • Yuki - French Translation
  • Esquire Dumper - Russian Translation 
  • Miaow_CC - Chinese Translation 
  • Ayrthwil -  Portuguese Translation
  • Anulay - Polish Translation

Changes in v5a:

Interactions From The Past: 

  • Polish translation added; will be missing a new string. 
  • Separated IFTP interactions that were romance based and moved them to Cute Romance. 
  • Please note that we were originally going to separate IFTP objects into several packages, but for time management reasons we have decided to not do so. We hope you will understand and we apologize for the inconvenience! 
  • Spy on Neighbors interaction on the Telescope is fixed so it will now end after a certain amount of time instead of endlessly going. 
  • Observe the Sky interaction on the Telescope now continues until you cancel it, the sim is miserable, or their motives are low. 
  • Skydiving Simulator and Telescope updated to fix some power and posture graph related errors that didn't cause issues, but were minor tuning errors that needed correcting. 
  • Skydiving Simulator interaction now says "Skydive" instead of "Workout". 
  • Dance on Counters now only occurs at home and select venues where dancing on them would be more accepted (bars, etc.).

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