Jen's Fave First Watches for 2020

Inspired by my friend Jed Ayres over at Hardboiled Wonderland, I've realized it's never too late to compile a list of my favorite new film discoveries I made in 2020. I tried to completely leave new '20 films out of the equation but after noticing that Letterboxd dubbed some of my selections 2019 releases, I included the newer entries as well. 

Here you'll find evidence of some of my deep dives (including one on Francis Ford Coppola that basically spanned the calendar year), many films I wound up including in the first season of Watch With Jen, and several you probably noticed me geeking out about on Twitter.  

With the complexity of the podcast and the amount of research and prep work that goes into each episode, I am embarrassingly behind on creating bonus content for my Patreon but really wanted to send a great big thank you for your support with this list of 80 stunningly diverse films. 

From classic films to foreign imports and beyond, I know that no matter what you're looking for (and a handful of you are at tiers where you're looking for a solid recommendation or 79, lol), you should be able to find something excellent to watch on this list.  Enjoy!