My first post! I call this my "Before" photo. I wanted to take a victorious shot in my new space but I feel tired, and very very small. There is so much to do. I literally don't own a stick of furniture and I don't have a job. WHAT am I doing?! 

I am doing the right thing, I know it, but it's overwhelming. There's also a pride issue. I love that "my girls" have loved and protected me, but I am desperate for some way to pay them back for their faith in me. I know I have almost nothing to offer...yet... so I made a Patreon to "work" for my place in this world. 

I will start with what I know and build as my wings grow feathers. Supporting this Amazon may score you funny stories and really awesome recipes as I rediscover my joy for baking. Crafting, blogging, and banana pudding. It's a small start, but as I grow so will the rewards because I love to share. It's completely weird to own almost nothing and have a giving heart. I won't lie if I fail. I promise to be honest when I'm scared and I will update often with photos, videos, and I'll even learn to live stream so I can talk to you. If one tiny Amazon can do this anyone can. My goal? To show them how one day.