Chibbin Grove Tile Map Maker - Beta Access

Hey folks!

We are very excited to release today the Beta Access for the Chibbin Grove Tile Map Maker!

This project was brought to life in partnership with Plancksize Studio.

The purpose of this app is to provide a click-and-drop world building experience, packaged in our unique art style.

You will have the ability to build various biomes using the many assorted tiles provided.
From the frozen arctic, lush greenland and to the scorching desert; whatever environment you wish to create, we have you covered!

To speed up the map-making process, the map maker includes a few fanciful features.

  • Random Tile Selection & Flood Tool - for quick and unique tile placement

  • Click-and-Drag Tiling- place those tiles any and which way you desire

  • Lighting -  make specific areas of your map stand out from the rest

  • Post Effects - customise and refine the finished look of your map

The map builder also includes an in-built save feature, so you can load up your masterpieces and continue to work on them over several sessions.
Your work can also be exported as a PNG or JPEG, supporting up to 8k resolution. 

The tile world is your oyster, so get building!

This Beta Access to the Chibbin Grove Tile Map Maker is available to our supporters at the Chibbin Sage tier.

--Sages Download Here-- 

Once the Tile Map Maker is fully released at, Chibbin Sages will also receive a sizeable discount!

The final version of this app will include many more tiles, as well as the ability to remove watermarks on exported maps.
The purpose of this beta is to find bugs that we couldn't find ourselves and get feedback for future development and direction!
Feedback, suggestions and discussions will all take place over in the Chibbin Grove Discord.

We are always happy to answer any questions and to feed your curiosity.
Let us know what your first impressions are in the comments below!

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