March Progress Report
My goal to make comedy by full-time career is twelve months, so March marks the end of the first quarter and we're overcoming some early hurdles! This month I did publish two comics, which still put me ahead of schedule on regular comic updates. Outside of that however, March slowed me down because I had to take time off of the comedy to help my mom move from Texas to Ohio. She's moved in with us here in Dayton and we're slowly recovering. This meant I had to take on extra software engineering work to help pay for the move, so I wasn't able to make as much comedy (and this progress report is pretty late for that same reason). But now that she's here, I plan for the rest of April and May to be much more productive and hopefully the Patreon here will start getting a few more pledges! :D

Comic Pages: 2 - still ahead of schedule, despite being slower than previous months

Bonus Content: 0 - suspended due to the move.

Commissions: 0 - although this hasn't been suspended, I'm still waiting to hear from Brian on his second raffle win and I haven't had the time yet to pick from Sarah Roark's characters for hers (she asked me to pick one of her After Daylight characters) -- and I'll be posting a raffle update in the next day or two with a new winner for March also. I'm also working on improving my communication with patrons and raffle-winners, so these things get sent out sooner, because Brian's last commission is still sitting under my desk, waiting for the address. I'm going to start using Email for that, rather than relying solely on the Patreon messages, because I think a lot of us don't log in to Patreon every day.

Research: I finished reading the Complete Idiot's Guide to Guerilla Marketing. It's got a few good nuggets of wisdom in it and I'm hoping to get some mileage out of them, although I will say that as books go, it seems like it's a lot of common-sense information that most of us already know. The next one on my list is the IDW Marketing for Dummies All-In-One. :)

Ad Campaigns: 0 - suspended due to the move.

Promotion: 1 - this entails non-paid contacting of bloggers and podcasters about reviews and/or interviews. Like everything else, I really didn't have time with the extra software work, however, I did have an interview and a brief review from Graphic Policy in their Webcomics Weekly.

There is some other good news in that over the course of the past year, the pages per session and the bounce rate for the Woohooligan site (the official comic site) have both gradually and consistently improved! :D So while I may be a little frustrated with my own progress and having to put my advertising on hold, there are still more people reading Woohooligan and the people coming are staying longer and reading more! So thank you guys for all your help spreading the word, you guys rock! :D

Stay awesome, Hooligans!