QWERTY Radio Button Selector for Impromptu GATE-SEQ-64

A QWERTY keyboard radio button style selector solution for Impromptu Modular’s GATE-SEQ-64, to choose patterns 1-8 with computer keyboard keys 1-8.

It comes in the form of 2 Stoermelder STRIP presets. One preset use VCV 8Vert with a Shift Register. The other uses NYSTHI The Cage, and uses less CPU.

To run in Rack: search for Stoermelder STRIP, right click STRIP and select “Load with replace”. Then navigate to the .vcvss files on your hard drive.

For the 8vert preset, connect the first output of ML Shift Register to SEQ# on GATE-SEQ-64.

For The Cage preset, connect it’s Quantized Output to SEQ# on GATE-SEQ-64.

Download the STRIP presets for FREE

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