Exclusive Dungeon Tale Collaboration! - Frozen Laboratory

Exclusive Dungeon Tale - Frozen Laboratory - DOWNLOAD LINK
(Available to 3€ Arcane Familiar Tier Patrons or higher)

Exclusive Dungeon Tale + Tokens + Maps - DOWNLOAD LINK
(Available to 5€ Arcane Enthusiast Tier Patrons or higher)

Exclusive Foundry VTT Module - COMING SOON!
(Available to 10€ Purveyor of the Arcane Tier Patrons or higher)


Hey everyone!

Yet another amazing collaboration release, this time with Venatus Maps! Venatus was absolutely fantastic to work with since he made the laboratory to the specifications that I had the adventure set for. Always a delight to work with a talented map maker who is willing to make something that adapts to the adventure's needs.

Not only that, but Venatus also made custom tokens for the adventure as well!

You should totally check out Venatus Maps for more amazing maps and other great content.


I honestly cannot wait to show you the Foundry module for this one once it is ready. We have some amazing ideas to make it look awesome!

I loved working on all these collaborations this past week and there are still a couple more to be revealed, but other than these little treats, you can expect another adventure like usual on Thursday.

Till next time!


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