Welcome to the Transmission Membership ๐Ÿš€

Hello curious star dust, nice to see you here! Whether you were beamed down by Captain Picard or too entranced by Groot's musical talents and didn't realize you clicked on this link - WELCOME to a community of fellow stargazers.

The Transmission Membership includes monthly:ย 

  • Astronomer's Dictionary access
  • Custom Star Charts
  • Personalized Astronomer's Shopping Listย 
  • 25% off always, at Intergalactic Wear

Become a member for $10 a month and I'll get to working on your customized star chart, personalized astronomer's shopping list, complete access to the Astronomer's Dictionary and always 25% off at IntergalacticWear.com.

Becoming a Transmission Member means not only contributing to astronomy outreach, or receiving your monthly products and services, but also joining a community of other carbon-based Earth dwellers like yourself.ย 

I hope you choose a path of love, light, and lots of galactic dancing (whatever that means :)).ย 

Live long and prosper.. and always remember ad astra.ย 



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