Song Mode for Impromptu Modular’s GATE-SEQ-64 in VCV Rack

For those who are unfamiliar with the song mode in Impromtu Modular’s GATE-SEQ-64, here’s a short “tutorial” demonstration, showing how to arrange your patterns.

When Song Mode is selected, the green light cycles through 4 steps. This is the default song length, and you can change how long your song is by clicking the “Len/Mode” button, which will show “L 4”. This indicates that your song has 4 patterns in it.

You can change the number of patterns by adjusting the parameter to the left of the display. As you do that, you’ll notice the song size populates more or less of the arranger.

Now, remember that the “Len/Mode” button has 3 functions; Seq#, Length for Pattern/Song (depending on which mode you’re in), and Run Mode. So cycle through it to become more familiar with each function.

Once you’ve selected the length for your song, cycle through the modes until you see “1”. This means you’re playing pattern 1.

Next, you’ll notice if you click one of the cycling arranger slots, the light will turn red (write mode), and an asterisks will show next to the number in your Seq# display (* 1). You can then use the parameter to the left of the display to dial in which pattern populates each arranger slot. You have about 4-5 seconds to make this adjustment before the display goes back to its default read mode.

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