197 | Neurodemia for Ashley | Keepsake [AUDIO]

Name: Neurodemia for Ashley

Occasion:  Just kause

Favorite Phrase:  "I buh-gok" [forgot]

PetPeeve:  "She will Google your claims on the spot for verification"

Ashley always has Neurodemia's back

Maybe you can help me Ashley
With you I forget to breathe Ashley
I forgot
I forgot

When I'm with you it seems Ashley
That my heart skips a beat Ashley
I forgot
I forgot

Yo Ashley
You always got my back
I hope that I could do the same to keep this train on track
Glad to have you as my life partner
So prestigious lyke Oxford
Love the knowledge you Offer

You're such a beauty a queen in my eyes
I love the way you think
Your someone I kan rely on

Nobody else that I want by my side
Your the Google to my klaim let's get our verify on

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