Free Map002
Migrating my free maps from Google Drive to Patreon. The blog post about this map is here.
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$1 or more per Game Aid 6 patrons

Frugal GM Patron

  • At a minimum: 1 map, 1 Tweak & Toss Adventure, & 1 "bonus" aid (new monster, magic items, d30 table, etc.) per month to be delivered through Patreon.
  • Any additional creations will be made available as an electronic product (PDF, PNG, etc.) for you to pick up through Patreon or some other online source (Dropbox, DriveThruRPG, email, etc.)
  • Special versions of my maps. These will usually be large-scale formats (poster sized and up!) that will exclusive for Patron use for at least six months. After then I might make them available to the public through sights like DriveThruRPG.
  • Special discounts to any dead-tree RPG products I create.
  • You get the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to getting resource-saving GM options on the Frugal GM Blog.
  • You can download any of the free or PWYW Frugal GM products from DriveThruRPG completely guilt free!
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