Three Ladies Hold - Lower Courtyard (Ft. Music by Ivan Duch)
UPDATE: Added 4 more Room Description Panels for Chibbin Dukes.
*Due to time constraints, the Room Description Panels are going to be taking a back seat.
If you would like to see it take more of a priority, let us know and we will readjust our schedule accordingly.*

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Three Ladies Hold is located within The Pack Hills in central northern Westan and is one of the 12 strongholds that make up the city state of Direpeak.
The Laird of Three Ladies Hold dedicated its construction to his three closest companions. His loving wife, known simply as The Lady, Phoebe, a feline of the Tobean Dynasty, and the Laird's head canine, Saffy the Howler.
The Laird, being part of a powerful family, oversees the populus that reside within his hold. Alongside the staff, troops and citizens, an order of wizards also live within the grounds and they hold a great sway of power.
The Laird attempts to control the balance of power between his family, the order of wizards and the knights who fight for him. 
This fortified settlement is one of the three holds built before Direpeak's formation, thus it is filled with many layers of history, artifacts and secrets.

Other Three Ladies Hold content:

Early Floor Prototypes // Lower Courtyard Prototype // Upper Courtyard // Subterranean Maze 

Three Ladies Hold has been and will be an ongoing project.
As you can see above, we have a prototype of a few of the planned floors. Since their creation, several more floors have been added both above and below.

Being a passion project, you can expect to see more content soon. This will either be a rework of the upper courtyard to match the rework of this lower courtyard, or we will begin to delve deeper towards the subterranean maze and beyond!

Grid Labelled VTT map (104x44 / 70x70pps) + accompanying music by Ivan Duch (1m loop+full track)  - Download Here 

You can also gain access to the stems of the Three Ladies Hold track by becoming a Patron of Ivan!

No Grid Labelled VTT Map (104x44 / 70x70pps) - Download Here 

PNG maps + Map-only & Greyscale variants (104x44 / 70x70pps) - Download Here 

Room Description Panels (8/53) + .wav music file by Ivan Duch - Download Here 

This time around, we are experimenting with a new concept of content. Written articles filled with information and helpful reminders for DMs wanting to explore the rich lore of Three Ladies Hold.
We will begin with room descriptions. These descriptions will include a summary of the area  plus some information using the five senses to categorise a room's content. Additionally we may include information such as secret rooms, exits and entrances, items, lighting conditions, and connections between locations and people.

Once again we have collaborated with the talented Ivan Duch to add another dimension to this map!
He has composed an original piece to fit the themes of Three Ladies Hold and to give a feel for the people of Direpeak.
More content is available over on his Patreon.
Also check out his library of work over at his website!

We would love to hear your feedback or answer any questions you have, so please don't hesitate to share below!

You can find more work over on our website!

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