Currently under consideration—
Well, I don’t have no. 27 currently at what you’d maybe consider a finished state, and I’ve shown you the covers for all 11 chapbooks that make up, or will make up, vol. 3, In the Reign of Good Queen Dick, and I don’t have a cover for that yet, I don’t even have an idea what it should be a picture of, or look like, or even feel like or be about beyond some sort of sense of power somehow, or surging, or a celebration, or, geeze, I dunno. —An argument could be made that I should’ve saved the image I used for “Wake up…” for Queen Dick, it’d certainly do what I need, but then I’d have to think of what the cover for “Wake up…” should look like, and I already solved that problem once?

Anyway! The above: because I’m also already thinking of what vol. 4, —or Betty Martin, will be doing and saying and looking like, the six images are currently under consideration as among the covers of the chapbooks that will make that up. —Raw, unedited, unprocessed, untouched, save for the wee resizing I needed to do to get them from the phone to the Patreon page.