☾・ Getting Started ─────

Greetings! I'm Aki! I am one of the owners of Mystical Series, a group that brings you high-quality translations of various fantasy romance novels. I manage this Patreon page to the best of my ability to provide chapters for people who'd like to support our work by pledging a set amount of fee per month. By doing so, you'd get access to advanced chapters based on the tier you choose.

Before becoming our patron, I'd like you to read the contents of this post as it will help in guiding you through our system. With that said, please read everything carefully and enjoy the chapters ahead of the public release.

☾・ Important ─────

Advanced chapters are updated at the same time public chapters are updated on Mystical Series. Then, on the last week of the month, all the chapters that are supposed to be accessible by your tier will be made available. However, for those in the 'Love Moon Potion' tier, advanced chapters are updated as soon as they are finished.

You will be notified of a new update through mail or Patreon, but please keep in mind that you must have your notifications enabled.  

A compiled table of contents is prepared for each novel wherein you can access the advanced chapters you pledged for.

・ Mystical Series' Current Novels is where you can find the compiled table of contents for each novel.

You will get the same amount of chapters as everyone will/did on your tier, regardless of the date you became our patron.

No refunds.

☾・ FAQs ─────

・ Why can't I access the other chapters yet?

> It is either because it is not included in your tier or it has not been published yet. Again, we update the advanced chapter at the same time the public chapter is released. The schedule is included in the Mystical Series' Current Novels post and the TOC.

・ What if I want to change my tier to a higher one? Will I be charged exactly the same?

> No, you will only be charged the difference between your current tier and the new tier.

・ Why can I only access chapters that have already been made available to the public?

> Again, this is a monthly subscription, so everyone will get the same chapters stated on the tier and TOC every month.

・ What can I expect?

> Access to ad-free chapters ahead of the public release. And all my love.

・ What if I have a question that can't be answered here?

> Feel free to message me. I'll try to reply within 3 days.

Last Updated: June 22, 2021

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 189 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 189 exclusive posts