Last year (that’s 2020 if you are reading this later); I visited an arboretum as a reprieve from the everlasting lockdowns. It was one of those rare times we were allowed to travel further afield without the fear of breaking the law. (See fear again) It was a relaxing day in nature, when the trees started to turn their colours and it was almost like nature tried to give one last burst of energy before winter was due to settle in. And as this was that rare occasion, we were allowed to be further afield, my trusted camera came along in the hopes of capturing the beauty of the leaves. Nature, by its very essence, did not disappoint. As you can see, the colours just merged into this tapestry of textures and frameworks that put the stately home into the most enchanting light. And as I write this blog, nature is keeping me company through the sounds of the birds and the sound of rain.

If we take the time and space to stay still and quiet our body and senses will naturally tune into the ebb and flow of life in nature. For me, the lockdown meant I could spend time with the windows open enjoying the bird’s song, without it being disturbed by the sound of cars or planes up above. I found that without the hustle and bustle of humans, balance started to come back in the wild, but I digress from the original thought I had for this blog, or am I?

I guess to some degree I am following my chain of thought, for I started the entry with the title of “framed”, and I guess for all of us, the so-called “lockdown” created a specific frame in our mind. Dependent on the model of the world we had within us is whether we saw those days as a blessing or a curse. Depending on how our internal systems were wired or how our thought patterns were aligned is whether we felt imprisoned or felt free to explore and enjoy newfound freedom. I chose to learn, expand my horizons, enjoy the sound of the neighbourhood, delight in the sound of bird, the cleaner air, the clear atmosphere devoid of the overbearing barrage of thoughts and constant movement of the office. Gone was the over indulging of food, because my senses were not assaulted by the sound of the crisp’s packets opening, the constant question of “do you want a tea” or the pressure of making tea for others, the constant noise created by 30 people all conversing on the phone or just gossiping.

The quiet of working from the home enabled me to find my inner balance. For me, 2020 was a year of triumph and creativity, but then I chose to reframe my thoughts and see the opportunities provided by the forced isolation.

For others, 2020 was the year of hell. And yet all this is a matter of perspective and how you frame your reality.

Just like the photo, on its own, the building is just any other building, but by framing it with the shrubs and the trees, the building comes alive.

Have you discovered the super power of reframing your reality yet?

Have you discovered the beauty of changing your reference point?

Have you shifted your reality?

As always join in the conversation in a comment, or journal your thoughts. We are ready to evolve, join us on the journey of discovery.

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