Human Shed Skin | Masterlist
Stories of self-discovery, acceptance, and love surrounding the inhuman hunter Jean-Luc Lowell of the esteemed Lowell family.

Human Shed Skin is an adult paranormal/paranormal romance subseries under The Molt Series, and is the first series of books I ever worked on with actual completed work. Its first book, Inhuman, was completed in 2017.

This here is the masterlist of all content pertaining to the Human Shed Skin subseries!

Rating: M
Pairings: Hermaphrodite man/gay man
Tags: Tentacle sex, graphic gay sex, mating, graphic violence, gore, monster hunters, demon hunters, steampunk, aetherpunk, atompunk, dieselpunk, consentacles
Genre: Paranormal, Paranormal Romance
Content Warnings: Killing children, shapeshifter animal sex, childhood trauma

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