Minor fixes and improvements for Bftpd

The Bftpd file server is one of my longest running projects. Back around 2003 I needed a very simple works out-of-the-box file server and Bftpd fit the bill nicely, with just a few minor tweaks. I ended up making additional fixes and little improvements to it and took over the project back around 2004. Since then Bftpd has continued to remain small, simple, and to (in most cases) work without any configuration.

Back when Btpd was first launched we didn't have ARM architectures to think about and that became apparent this week when someone pointed out large file sizes were incorrectly reported by Bftpd when running on 32-bit ARM CPUs. This has been fixed.

Several typos in the source code comments and documentation were reported in recent months and these have been addressed.

While not many people use FTP for transferring important files over the Internet, it continues to be a popular way to public share files like drivers, signed updates, and casual sharing on local area networks. I'm pleased to see people continue to play with and deploy Bftpd.

The new release, Bftpd 5.8, is detailed here: http://bftpd.sourceforge.net/news.html#302500