Intertwined metallic structure, this was one of the buildings they created for the Olympics held in London, today is another structure you can visit to have a bird’s eye view of the city it is living in.

As an iconography it can represent even the DNA or even the myriad of nerves that is in the human body; or even the intertwined systems we see in the eco system. As human beings we are just one of many species in the world. As an individual I am and of course you are one of the many single humans that are part of the greater whole.

How do you find your uniqueness in a world, where all of us exist as a whole? How do you contribute to the whole, in your unique way? Do you feel part of the world, or are you just one part existing independently? How does your singularity contribute to the energies of the universe? Have you found your place yet?

As always join in the conversation in a comment, or journal your thoughts. We are ready to evolve, join us on the journey of discovery.

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