OK guys, 1st of the month... Thank You for supporting my Live Action Fan Films =3 Your payment methods will be processed, if everything goes all right, we'll have $72.00 USD to make a movie... So, a simple little Tribute like "Garou Densetsu" could be made... You like it, huh? :) So, as I promised, you get to vote on what game we'll bring to LIFE! With this amount, don't ask for something like my KOF movies (those need a budget of thousands xD). I want to make a movie based on ADK, nobody seems to remember it O3O I also get asked a lot to make a Mortal Kombat 1 movie, or I could make a SF II - Hyper Fighting tribute... Also, what about an 8-Bit title? Tell me what you think, I'm open to suggestions :D