Patron rewards and milestones changelog folks! Thank you all so much for supporting my Patreon this month! I've done some thinking and decided to revise some of the patron rewards going forward. I've discontinued the custom avatar reward for now, since there wasn't much ongoing benefit for you guys. Those who pledged at that reward tier this month will still get your avatars, and I may reintroduce that reward at a later time, but there is now a new tier at the $30 level to replace it. For $30 per month, you'll get a digital sketch card drawn by me! And this is a chance to get art by me EVERY month, not just once. :) Examples of my sketch cards can be seen here if you're interested in this tier: I've revised the $10 level (which gets you a full set of TH eBooks) to also give patrons their choice of a new eBook every month, similar to the $5 level. :) And lastly, the Early Access milestone. I have to give my apologies to all my patrons this month; I was incredibly busy with travel and other responsibilities and I only got a couple weeks' worth of comics actually done early for you. It honestly doesn't look like my schedule is going to be quieting down much for the next couple months, so I don't want to overpromise and not deliver on things, and so I've decided I'm going to rework the $100 milestone goal into something else. (I guess Patreon doesn't let you delete a milestone that's been reached? So for now there's some filler text while I decide what the new goal is going to be about.) I welcome any ideas and feedback you have on this subject! What kind of stuff would you like to see? As always, let me know your thoughts on all this! Thanks again for the support this month, and I'll talk to you soon! :D
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