In the garden there is a cherry tree, which for some reason this year it decided to grow cherries only on the top, if you are a human and you are hoping for some; you should be so lucky. The local birds of course are excellent at finding an easy meal, so when I saw one in the garden I had to try and immortalise it. We actually seem to have 4 of these birds enjoying a free meal on a daily basis, and of course I may bore you with a few posts featuring them in their splendour.

It is amazing seeing birds and local wildlife taking advantage of the available food, shelter or water, they share these resources with their family and of course if needed with other birds or creatures; a symbiotic relationship.

Once again it makes me think of how out of sync some humans are compared to the rest of the living world.

Amongst ourselves as humans; sometimes we are also easy pickings when it comes to being influenced by others; and when we hold strong in our position from a place of knowledge we can be ridiculed. I wonder how many of you feel strong enough in your views to be able to stand your ground, especially if it is from a place of knowledge? Do you research enough for yourself, to hold the knowledge; and not just as information; but also put through the filter of intelligence?

Do you consider all areas of an issue not just from your own point of view but also that of the others; and perhaps even that of a witness, and see if it stand the test? Do you have the strength to fly high and pick the ripest of fruits for the future and be able to be humble enough to share that with others? What is wisdom; if not but the opportunity to share the knowledge acquired in a way that others can also become wise?!

As always join in the conversation in a comment, or journal your thoughts. We are ready to evolve, join us on the journey of discovery.

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