Full July Preview

July will include some expansion assets related to April, May, and June releases. It is all potentially stand alone, except the shed & Merchant wall expansion. All the same I'll provide links you can use your coupons on if you want the full item line for a couple of these. 

I WILL Sync gamescape3d.com purchases to MMF for april, may, and/or june on july 15th and 30th

Mushroom/Fungal Farm

4 mushroom stumps are intended to represent someone intentionally growing mushrooms and fungus on dead stumps, so these could be in a basement/dungeon or on the shady side of a house.

Potted Trees

3 Potted Trees

Celtic Village Expansion

Most of this is stand alone but new members can use their reward coupons to buy
      the full celtic kit from the
website or MMF

  • Straight Fence: The original round fence was not symmetrical, so expansion is reverse engineered. It is made up of one repeatable straight part and 2 small transition fences. It will likely only allow for pill shape expansion along one axis. Patreons will be able to make a straight fence with this even if they do not own the earlier release. To add this to your celtic fort, make move half 
  • Wall Breach: I have made 2 wall breaches from the original April set. One of the breeches is wide and one is narrow.
  • Large Round House Ruin: This is a larger burn damage ruin. In order to pull this off the underside of the roof will also have thatch texture. This means the roof parts will require resin printing for those who want the easy way out. Base works fine on it's own as well.
  • Permanent Tent:  Intended as a tent that has become somewhat structural. The interior is timber framed and built out.
  • Watch Tower: This stand alone watch tower can straddle the fence. As you can see, there is plenty of room to position the tower towards the interior or exterior of the settlement wall. You can also just use the top 2/3 for a shorter tower behind the wall. Still need to cut in windows.

Gravemaker Worksite: Working on a new worksite for the craftman who does it all. This person carves/cuts stone markers and makes wooden coffins.

Merchant Stand Walls : We have New book and weapons merchant walls.

The shed walls require a specific building. new JULY members can use there reward coupons to buy the shed from the website or MFF (Merchant Stand 1, Merchant Stand 2).

Shed Wall Expansion: 6 New Storage Shed Slide in Walls.

The shed walls require a specific building. new members can use there reward coupons to buy the shed from the website or MMF .

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