July Release Preview

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June was pretty exciting for us, as we had our first painting contest sponsored by Ameralabs! The competition was even more fierce than usual, with 23 incredible entries. We'll be putting together the voting for that in the next few days. Thank you to everyone who participated, and also a big thank you (as always) to all our amazing patrons! We really couldn't be doing this without your support 🥰 I'm so excited every time I see a new paint and print from our community, and I hope you'll all keep posting and sharing prints and paints on Reddit, IG, Facebook, and Discord, and spreading the Cobra love.

We also broke 600 patrons in June, and hopefully we'll keep most of you for July because....

July has a PANGOLIN! This has been a running request in our Discord for awhile, half-joking because we wanted to torture Erin with sculpting all the scales. Truly insane, he hand textured every single one separately. I think Erin's crazy love of sculpting details is what really sets our collections apart from the other Patreon's out there, along with his signature style. Please let him know what you think in the comments! We read every single one, and your excitement helps fuel him on days when he's been sculpting for 15 hours straight 😂

Waqia the pangolin has his own impressive shop building with tons of bits to mix and match. We also have our beautiful elf duo and their respective animal companions, a crafty old Ifrit, and our awesome throwbacks (40pc decorations pack, Burilgi, and Glima the travelling chemist). 

There will be even more surprises this month as we near 4th of July, as well as our 2nd Summer Surprise, all courtesy of TheBetaMarie! She really hit it out of the park this month with the bases, terrain, and these hilarious surprise extras. I can't wait to see what everyone will do with these ones...

We have a cross-promo with White Werewolf Tavern also, who has generously provided us with their sculpt of Maletta, the Crow Mother in bust form. We'll be posting about them again on the 8th, in case anyone misses this.

On the CobraShare front, we've successfully tested logging in, and now have to cleanup some bugs and missing features before we open it up to our next phase of testing. Rest assured, it will happen! Eventually! The plan is to provide a spot online where you can always access your downloads, even if you leave the Patreon. I have a lot of exciting features planned out for it, which we'll have to roll out in stages. But I think you're all going to be pretty excited when it's come together :) Special thanks to SneakyCrow, one of our longtime patrons and the developer mastermind behind CobraShare. He's hard at work building this website for us, which is not an easy task to say the least...

Onto the Lore for this month, which can also be read as part of the Cobra Compendium:

The Merchant Guilds

The Merchant Guilds encompass many facets of the trade, from simple shopkeepers to the most esteemed traders. Any who want to sell goods within Jebel Irhoud must have membership or a connection to the Guilds, even the lowliest hawker of poor quality wares. The Guilds aggressively protect their turf, both from unscrupulous dealers and from outside sellers, thereby giving Jebel Irhoud merchants an especially sterling reputation amongst traders. Those who wish to deal outside of the Guilds must resort to risky Black Markets that are not sanctioned by the Council. The Black Markets are regularly raided by city guards, and are extremely dangerous besides; mostly favored by criminals, particularly nasty mercenaries, and other underground individuals, you can never be sure if you’ll get your merchandise or a knife in the ribs.

Waqia - Musafiyah Shopkeep

The Musafiyah, with their natural armor, make excellent shopkeeps as they are difficult to rob. While the Merchant Guilds generally take good care of their own, they aren’t able to outsmart or outmaneuver every thief in the city (of which there are many), and enough encounters turn deadly that shop keepers in the city are wary. Waqia, a mild mannered owner of his own small store, has survived several such attacks relatively unscathed. His shop is a bit of a mish-mash, but the variety means you can occasionally find some hidden gems amongst the clutter.

Jannah & Zohaier - Mazigh Trackers

Jannah and Zohaier are a pair of Mazigh trackers who are joined at the hip. Like all Mazigh, they each have an animal companion that they are bound to. Jannah's desert fox, Mahir, has keen hearing and is adept at locating and digging up prey underground, while Zohaier's desert cat, Fatin, is a silent hunter with stalking prowess. While Jannah and Zohaier's relationship is ambiguous, it's known that they are never apart and always come as a set, whether on hunting expeditions or mercenary assignments. Both a bit vain, they take especial care of their looks and can always be found wearing some of the latest fashions from Jebel Irhoud. Nonetheless, they are excellent trackers with good instincts, and are known to be among the best in the Taforalt Desert.


Ifrit are beings that live in the Barrow Realm of Al-Anaar, a dead god of fire. They are as varied in type and temperament as any other sentient species, and tend towards being solitary. There are debates amongst intellectuals about whether the Ifrit are inherently evil or not, but the fact remains that they are hostile to any they meet. Few are powerful enough to escape the Barrow Realm without the help of a summoner (unwitting or not), who creates a bridge between Al-Anaar and the mundane world. However, once here, their unique, natural abilities make them seem much more powerful and frightening. For this reason, they are constantly trying to enter the mortal realm in order to gain power, riches, or sometimes just for entertainment.

Chammurash, Ifrit

Bound to an oasis for several centuries, Chammurash is a crafty old Ifrit who has managed to stay in the mundane realm due to his power. The knowledge of who originally bound him is lost to time, and nobody has been able to send him back to Al-Anaar. Thus he remains, causing trouble for whoever comes across his little oasis in the desert. Unluckily for most, he is quite powerful and the binding spell only restricts his movements, not his power. However, he has a major weakness for riddles, and can’t resist playing games of chance. Several travelers have managed to escape his clutches this way, much to his chagrin.

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