As we step into Girona, one cannot help but develop tunnel vision in this city. Where the walls of the medieval town rise high around you.

Sometimes, as humans, we develop tunnel vision when our beliefs are so ingrained that any thoughts expressed by others that differ from ours can cause upset.

The other day I made a comment on a celebrity’s IG page highlighting the irony of what they were doing and, of course, the “diehard fans” of the celebrity decided to belittle my comment as it came into conflict with their idolatry of said celebrity.

I find it fascinating how some people cannot accept criticism of any kind; despite the comment not being directed at them. Not only that, but they also miss the point; they read into things and feel entitled to make derogatory comments. These individuals have developed such a tunnel vision regarding their adored celebrity, that they cannot entertain the fact that perhaps that individual may be in the wrong in their actions.

What kind of topics makes you have tunnel vision?

What makes you stubborn enough so as not to consider any alternatives?

What gets your back up about your world, that you stubbornly stamp your feet?

I guess I have now developed my self-observation skills so much that when the stubbornness comes up; I recognise it, acknowledge it and try to seek the alternative.

We are now at day 176 in our journey of self-discovery, with the hope that you have started to notice things about you, that perhaps you have not considered in the past.

I wonder what those little discoveries are?

I wonder if you have started considering a wider view of yourself?

I wonder if you have managed to identify thoughts and feelings that perhaps cause you to doubt yourself?

I wonder if your reality is the same as it was all those days ago, or has anything changed about the world, or was it you who has changed?

As always join in the conversation in a comment, or journal your thoughts. We are ready to evolve, join us on the journey of discovery.

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