Everyday Magic #160: Rejuvenation Vine

Most of this week's spells and magic have been about the power of plants to rot and wither, or to take the fight against the green and master the verdant enemies that threaten, but today is more about people and plants working together for healing.


Rejuvenation Vine

Wondrous item, uncommon

This leafy, green tendril extends only a single foot in length with a small, barbed thorn at either end. When wrapped around your wrist or neck, it provides increased healing properties over an extended period of time regardless of activity. Once the barbs pierce your flesh, the vine doubles the amount of healing you gain by spending Hit Dice, and you have advantage on saving throws against exhaustion, poison, and disease. The vine functions for up to 3 days before withering and becoming useless. If the vine is removed early, it immediately withers.

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