Stock car racing is a form of automobile racing popular in the United States, in which cars that conform externally to standard U.S. commercial types are raced, usually on oval, paved tracks. The world's largest governing body for stock car 경마사이트 racing is the American NASCAR, and its NASCAR Cup Series is the premier top-level series of professional stock car racing.

A stock car in the original sense of the word is an automobile which has not been modified from its original factory configuration. This term was used to differentiate such a car from a race car, a special, custom-built car designed only for racing purposes with no intent of its ever being used as regular transportation.

Stock car racing has different classes and each of them has slightly different rules. First is the Street Stock and Pure stock consisting of only street vehicles which can be bought by the general public. The Super Stock is similar to street stock but it allows more engine modifications to cars. And the Late Model is known as the highest class of stock cars when it comes to local racing.

Stock car racing usually takes place on oval tracks with 3 or 4 turns to the left. The oval tracks are classified into three: short track which is less than a mile, speedway which is 1 to 2 miles, and superspeedway which is over 2 miles. The race speeds also depend on the track but they are typically 90 miles per hour to over 200 miles per hour. Compared to other forms of motorsport, stock car racing is certainly more straightforward, but it remains technically demanding to nudge the car into just the right spot at just the right time, with only patient craftsmanship and sheer bravery earning success.