Summary For June 2021

Jul 11, 2021

This is a list of content I posted to, or found useful, on Twitter. And stuff I posted to Patreon.

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Twitter June 2021

Useful stuff found and shared via Twitter.

Seems like I was primarily promoting blog posts, and...

Blog Posts For June 2021

Content created and collated for, Patreon and Social for May 2021

QA is a process. Testing is a process. Tester is a role. QA is not a role. We need to understand the difference.

Testing isn't there to make you look good it is there to make you look at good as you are.

You do not have to be negative to be a tester. But you do have to understand that negative feedback is necessary and should be treated as a postive.

Claude Shannon presented six strategies for creating thinking. Can they also apply to Software Testing?

Patreon Posts For June 2021


Continuous Deployment? Say ye Yea or Say ye Nay?

In the world of build vs buy, Software Testing is pretty poorly served. Which actually serves us pretty well.

Just 'cause they said it works... doesn't mean we don't gather evidence and monitor.

Blog Post - Claude Shannon's Creative Thinking

'some' of the things that shook my testing world over the years.

index for the eprimer challenges

My notes for e-primer Challenge 06

The 6th e-primer challenge I identified as 'Given the platform (browser), identify and explore the risks.'

A sales pitch might be trying to frame a problem in less honest way because that is the problem they solve.

Copy and model the processes, learn the skills. Don't try to copy the 'success outcome'.

Testers don't just 'look' and 'see' things. We compare the observation to existing models, and we build new models and then test them.

Is there a difference between Assumption and Belief?

I make my work visible to me, so that I can communicate it to others.

Modelling a process can lead to improvement.

Title for attention, facts, then emotional response and supporting evidence.

Getting the right Test Environment is essential for testing, and even better if we can create test environments for intermediate stages.

Learning approaches: scan, deep dive, identify, try, apply

no matter what your influences and experiences are, harness them for your work

Some notes on Toro Cloud Podcast

Some thoughts on and an encouragement to try.

Without agreed definitions of roles and responsibilities we might communicate at cross purposes.

This is a list of content I posted to, or found useful, on Twitter. And stuff I posted to Patreon in May 2021

May Collated PDFs

A quick lesson learned about JavaScript

What happens when we trust expert tools to implement compliance requirements for us? I describe a repeatable and fun experiment to find out.

Sticking to 'roles' leads to silos and often inefficient working processes.

It is very important that we do not allow roles to limit what we do, study or are capable of.

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