Dark Magic [V.0.14.0] Public Released!

Good morning everyone. 

The wait is over for this version! I spent quite a lot of time making this update because I wanted it to be as good as I could for both the art and the story. In this update, the story takes place on the second full day in Kimika's castle. There are a variety of emotions for you to experience in this update as well as learning new perspectives on the characters in the game.

For Android, I've used the newer version of RenPy (including file compression) to build the app. Granted, it's faster and more efficient, but I can't verify that it's all working perfectly. You may encounter some bugs (press Ignore when found) or play smoothly. Please let me know if you encounter any problems.

Thank you everyone for supporting me and looking forward to this game. I hope I can keep making quality content for you forever. Please enjoy the update.

♥ Screenshots:

♥ Highlight feature:

View Change-logs Here

Windows: Mega - GoogleDrive - MediaFire

Mac OSX: Mega - GoogleDrive - MediaFire

Android: Mega - GoogleDrive - MediaFire

# Please backup your save files first before replacing the new version!
- Android: Go to  Android/data/com.flord.darkmagic/files/saves [*1]
- Windows / Mac will be in the same place as the game directory.
1. Copy the "saves" folder to someplace safe.
2. After re-install the new update replaces the "saves" folder with its old directory [*1].

# Android: You will need more than 8 Gb of free space to install the app.
# Android: Version might need to be removed before re-install again
(Make sure to backup save file first!)

# If you found a bug please comment and let me know, I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

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